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September 2017 is Heritage Month!

At St. Mary’s we are planning so many ways to focus on the amazing heritage we have. Visitors so often comment “I had no idea there was so much heritage in this Church – it’s beautiful.”

On 9th September we will take part in the Heritage Open Day from 10am to 3pm, when there will be displays of photographs as well as other displays within the church. Do come and look! No entrance fee – all free!

We previously published our plans for our building for 2017 which included:

Sound system—repair of loop system, checking of all wiring: now complete.

Re-pointing outside of building. Grants have been applied for; we have received one small grant and the result of the biggest application should be known soon.

Glass doors—replacing interior wooden doors with glass doors. This is included in the grant already applied for: there is another article in this magazine on the reasons for doing this.

Lighting. Outside lights and lights within the ceiling to be repaired / replaced. Approximate cost £3,500.

Servery cupboards to be replaced. Approximate cost £2500.

The last two items are not included in the grant application, and the PCC does not have spare cash with which to do them. Could you think seriously about how much you could give towards these ventures? Both would seriously enhance our building – ask anyone who has had to produce drinks or meals from the servery, or organists who have had to struggle to see music!

There is currently £3,131.92 in the Restoration Fund, of which £1,213 has been given towards the glass doors, and £50 to the sound system, so you can see we are on the way but not there yet.

After every service in September there will be an opportunity for you to donate anything you feel God would have you give towards this. If you are not able to attend a service, please do put your donation in an envelope marked ‘Restoration Fund’ and bring it to church whenever it is open, or put it through the Vicarage letter box. There are envelopes available in the church if you wish to use them for Gift Aid purposes.

On behalf of the PCC, thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly for your generosity!

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