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Secretary: Joyce Reilly 425 3982    

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 5th February

The next PCC meeting will be on Monday 5th February at 6.30pm at Hale Vicarage                                                        


1.   Opening prayer and welcome to all present.

2.   Apologies

3.   Approve minutes of previous meetings – 7th January

4.  Matters arising

5.  Money Matters - Including Treasurer Report


6.  Building Fabric/Churchyard –

     Building projects update: 


7.  Wardens Report  

8.  Pastoral - including Shared ministry team,   safeguarding.                                             

9.  Growing the Church. Including succession planing for Church roles/tasks


10.  Team/Deanery/Cathedral/Diocese.  


11.  Worship - including key dates/events

12. Social Events – including future dates.

Following the AGM on 18th April Please find below a full list of the Elected Wardens and Sidepersons.


Gillian Thompson 6 yrs 2022
Peter Naylor 6 yrs 2019


Jeff Holt 6 yrs 2020
Peter Quint 6 yrs 2021
Ros Barlow 6 yrs 2021


Gillian Thompson, Andrew Collier, Donna Collins, Norma Naylor, Lorraine See, Val Borlase,

 Jeanette Higgins, Rosalyn Barlow, Alan See, Lynsey Hadris,  Beryl Andrew, David Hudson.


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